Welcome to Sky Financial Services. We do Commercial & Development Finance, Properties & Mortgages Abroad, non – regulated Buy-to-Let Mortgages & Bridging Finance.
  • From £30,000 to £100M+ (No upper limit)
  • Up to 85% LTV
  • Terms from 5 - 25 years
  • Investment or Owner Occupier - all sectors
  • Adverse credit considered
  • Anywhere in UK (Mainland Only)

Once a business has identified it has a requirement to expand, grow, develop or increase turnover it usually requires additional working capital such as a business loan or a commercial loan to reach the next stage. The first port of call for almost every business is to its current bank. As we all know High Street Banks are great but do not always meet the requirements of each and every business customer.
At Sky Financial Services, we have an extensive panel of Commercial Lenders based throughout the UK and beyond which we use to source the most suitable business loan available.
Here is our simple and effective process that will help almost every Client to obtain the funding required.

  • Conduct Fact Find:-
    Our comprehensive fact find covers all aspects of the project - from the amount of money required to the period of time for which the funding is needed. We then ask specific questions based upon the project e.g. If you are looking to borrow money to expand a business we will ask also questions relating to the property value and your experience in the business sector. For leasing and rental we will ask specifics about the return on the investment and details of the tenant.

  • Discuss your project with appropriate Lenders:-
    Each Lender have their own merits and their own conditions. We work directly with Lenders, so we know exactly what type of Client they are looking for. This saves a lot of time and we generally receive a Conditional Offer/Approval in Principal from a Lender within 3 working days.

  • Conditional Offer / Approval in Principal:-
    Once the Lender has reviewed the project and is happy with the initial background information we will then have a Conditional Offer or Approval in Principal available for our Clients. This is emailed and posted the same day we receive it from the Lender. In addition at this point we supply our Terms of Business Letter. Clients must agree, sign and return our “Terms of Business” Letter before we can proceed with the application. As each commercial loan application is unique our “Terms of Business” Letters vary slightly from case to case.

  • Accept Terms of Business:-
    Once we have received your signed copy accepting our Terms of Business based upon the unique Conditional Offer/Approval in Principal, we will then work directly with the Lender to complete the specific paperwork to allow the case to progress. On average it takes 3-4 weeks for both the Lender and Client to complete the relevant paperwork

  • Receive Money (drawdown funds):-
    On average within 30 days of the Conditional Offer/Approval in Principal being returned to the Lender the funds are released.

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